The idea of Project „Coffee English“ was born in Andes as a result of one month internship I was honored to do in Cooperative of Coffee Producers of Andes (Cooperative de Caficultores de Andes).

Cooperative of Coffee Producers of Andes

Cooperative of Coffee Producers of Andes

Recently the coffee trade is being in a serious crisis, the price of the coffee is lower than it was a year ago and many coffee producers face a seriously difficult financial situation.

The production of coffee itself is an immense fascinating world and I think that besides producing the coffee, this world can be shown to the others. Referring to the others I mean the foreigners who start to visit Colombia more and more as well as Colombians from non producing coffee departments.

Coffee English is a project whose main objective is spread English language among coffee producers and their family members with the vision of future coffee tours on various coffee farms as another economical activity of the region.

I live on small coffee farm in the rural area of Andes called La Solita since February 2013. I decided to move there in order to make a “pilot project” of English course for coffee growers and their families. At the moment I have one group of children up to 12 years old and second group is formed by women from local food company Producsol.

The project slogan is:

Mi casa- mi entorno- mi aula de clase

(mi house- mi environment – mi class)

I invite you to watch a short video in Spanish about the pilot project:

Inglés cafetero


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