Cinnamon morning and Spanish conquerors

It was a bit cold early morning after night’s refreshing rain that washed all the sins from the previous days. I opened the wooden kitchen cabinet and delicious smell of cinnamon entered through the nose into my recent awakened brain.

The Country of the Cinnamon?

The Country of the Cinnamon?

Spanish conquerors were victoriously after destruction of navel of the world, the center of Inca’s empire. Cusco was about to undergo kind of plastic surgery replacing majesty buildings by ones brought by greedy Europeans. Francisco Pizarro, the man who humiliated Incas was in reality illiterate and extremely rude and exact example of one of the most basic life rule: the more you have the more you want. The part of Cusco gold richness was used to finance the expedition in search for the place full of cinnamon trees that conquerors would have used for the future exploitation purposes. The vision and obsession of conquerors caused huge amount of life loss at both sides, a majority of Spanish and native people taking part in died on the way due to starvation and due to tough rules of wild jungle. The expedition failed and so called “The Country of The Cinnamon“ has never been found.

I took a small piece of cinnamon and as I touched its brownish surface I remembered: When Spanish conquistadors run out of the food, they firstly begun to kill Incas and ate their meat in order to survive and afterwards when all the sons of Sun were gone, they turned their attention to horses and did the same process with them as with poor indigenous. What a madness!

I mixed a cup of hot milk with cinnamon thinking that:

“… human desires are sometimes too destructive…


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