Raindrops Recipe for Happiness


It is raining. I didn´t happen so suddenly, it would be a lie if I say that. The evidence of desired rain were seen since the early morning. These were the main ingredients:

1, the sky was painted with grey whipped cream clouds


2, air was constantly climbing up and up on the temperature scale.




Raindrops began to drum slowly as a shy drummer on his first public performance: innocently, patiently, with all the respect for his audience. Second raindrop followes the first one, the third goes after the second, and the fifth waits for its turn after fourth …

Main course:

It is getting stronger. Raindrops waiting list is not valid anymore, there is rain and drops and drops and rain, all together as human races in the world looking for the path to reach happiness. BUT remember that happiness is not the destination, happiness is this path, it is a trajectory that raindrops overcome to get from sky to the earth.


Calming down. The heaven has cried enough, enough tears than have fallen on our heads from the upper world.



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