Creativity, welcome home!

Here in Colombia there are many people who are dedicated to various handcrafts which have always been very close to me. One should have its artistic hobby-drawing, modeling, recycling plastic bottles, guitar playing or drumming on kitchen pots, just some type of art because art gives off neurons, runs a fantasy, plays with senses, smells, color, sounds..

I’ve always been keen on handcrafts, friends that know me longer know what I am talking about, and thanks to Colombian people my interest has been awakened again. I have met many people who work with banana bark, seeds, bamboo, wood, let´s say with materials that are from nature or even reusing PET bottles as I saw during Christmas time at one unnamed shopping center in Medellin where a complete Christmas decoration was made recycled plastic bottles.

Long live creativity!

I share with you my first abstract devoted to all the nice Colombians who refreshed my interest in handmade art and beauty of nature.



“The line between a decorative object and a work of art is a matter of critical judgement.”


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