Tasty Experience, Tasty Colombia

She: What are you going to eat for lunch today?

I: I´m gonna have a fried trout with banana pancakes and salad.

She: Banana pancakes? What´s that?


And here we are.


Tasty Colombia

Tasty Colombia

I  have recently had that kind of conversation with one of my friends. She was surprised that I was going to fry a banana. The problem is that I’m already used to new southamerican flavors and products and when I said banana pancakes, actually I meant special green banana called plantain in English which is grown in Central America, Colombia and neighboring countries. Somehow I did not realize that my friend would  automatically connect fried banana with yellow bananas which we know for they typical sweetish taste. Normally we mix it with cereals to make light healthy breakfast or yummy milkshakes. Whatever but not frying!

The idea was born.

From now on, I take a responsibility on my shoulders to familiarize you, my dear readers, with Tasty Colombia-food, fruit, ingredients.


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