Homesickness or how to not feel so alone when you are far away from your family

Homesickness, go back home!

Everyone, who has decided to live abroad alone for whatever reasons, rarely or frequently deals with homesick. According to American pediatrics homesickness is the distress and functional impairment caused by an actual or anticipated separation from home and attachment objects such as parents. It is characterized by acute longing and preoccupying thoughts of home. To be more clear and simple, it is a state when you feel depressed or melancholy at being away from home, family and friends.

Without any doubts, at some point you will reach that strange feeling of missing everything, even things that normaly made you crazy when you were back home. Don’t you stand when your younger brother wakes you up early in the morning or when adolescent sister is like ticking bomb full of restless hormons? That’s so natural!

Those who have had an opportunity to spend time abroad, to live or study in different countries or travel for longer time, they know what I am talking about. It is nothing unusual nor strange, it is ordinary human psychology thing and it is quiet weird that  despite the fact that you already have your group of buddies and soul mates, despite you know the city as your own palm, despite all this stuff  homesick occurs as a nasty thief sneaking during the dark night.

How to cope it?

Firstly you have to make clear that when you are alone it does not mean you are condemned to spend the rest of your life alone as Tom Hanks in Cast Away movie. Secondly, do you know Einstein’s quote ”Everything is relative?”

Human mind is a powerful tool that can be programmed- it works the way how we set it up. When we allow those negative feelings to enter our mind we exhibit ourselves to even more depressing level. This is one possibility we all have and could do.  The second one is to think about it and try to look at things with other eye, other lense. For instance like this:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“I am finally alone. I can do what I want, I have time for myself, my hobbies and     stuff. I can I read 24 hours a day, watch 4 movies in a row, plan my summer vacation, begin to grow flowers, start to write my blog, get rid of those 2 kilos, attend meditation classes…  I can do everything I want because I have a time!”


Please change your lenses

To sum it up, if you change your lenses and the way you look at and deal with situation, certainly you can get much more of it.

I think that occasionally there is nothing better than being alone and being a master of your time, have it so much that you feel a bit overdosed of it.

One more important issue: do not think that only few people are really creative, because we all are, but what happens is that a majority of us do nothing to wake up that imaginative, inspired and original fantastic world you have inside!

The way I relax... hammock forever!

The way I relax… hammock forever!


2 thoughts on “Homesickness or how to not feel so alone when you are far away from your family

  1. najlepšie sú tie prvé prebudenia uprostred noci, upotený na hostelovej izbe, kdesi ďaleko od domova. prvá myšlienka je vždy “čo tu do pekla robím a prečo som radšej neostal doma”. potom to začne byť už len lepšie/alebo horšie.

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