Street Art: Pachamama Mother Earth and almost extinct condors, Cotacachi Ecuador

I found an image of Pachamama (Mother Earth) near Roman catholic church. What an irony! Pachamama and her husband Inti are known as main formers of Inca’s great empire. Mother Earth was goddess of fertility who was “in charge of” plants and harvest. It is said that after Spanish conquer and implementing of Roman catholic faith, Pachamama was united with Virgen Mary. ¡Que barbaridad!

I love street art just because it is a great tool how to show peoples beliefs, customes, political or social dissatisfactions, creativity, world visions etc….




And then I saw picture of Andean bird king – CONDOR. There was written: 

7 de julio Día Naciona de Condor… Se considera que sólo quedan 50 individuos en Ecuador.

7th of Juy-  Condor Nacional Day … It is considered that there are only 50 individuals in Ecuador.

I remember amazing hiking in Valle de Colca (Colca Canyon) in Perú where is possible to observe Andean condors due to environmental organization which makes a lot of efforts to conserve this condor specie alive. No matter if it is Perú or Ecuador, condors are said to be in danger of extinction!

Can you imagine Andean mountains without its flying king?



Colca Canyon, Perú

Colca Canyon, Perú



2 thoughts on “Street Art: Pachamama Mother Earth and almost extinct condors, Cotacachi Ecuador

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