First 10 Pimentona items on ETSY!


1, Magic Autumn in Slovakia – Contemplate golden autumn, dry leaves and tall thin trees from Slovakia, beautiful small country in the central Europe.

2, Thick Rope on the Pier – This picture was taken in small village called Puerto Obaldía in Panamá located on the border with Colombia. This place can not be reached overland. I made this shot while I was waiting for a boat that connects Panamá with Colombia.

3, Old Yellow Scooter – I saw this old yellow scooter meanwhile I was wandering through magic village called Salento in Colombian Coffee Triangle. I liked its yellow colored contrasting with blue door next to it and green and orange door in the background.

Magic Autumn in Slovakia Thick Rope on the Pier Old Yellow Scooter

4, Posterized Stoned Path – To get to the spiritual indigenous Peguche waterfall I had to walk through one of the most beautiful forests in northern Ecuador. I took the picture of the stoned path in the wood, the place was mysticaly peaceful and refreshing.

5, Hanging Corn Sketch – Black and white sketch of hanging corns, one of the major Southamerican crops and uniquely the most important food of their ancestors as well as today modern people.

6, Green- Blue- White Window – Jericó is color bustling small town with many beautiful colonial houses whose vivid colors fill you with enormous vibrant energy!

Posterized Stoned Path Hanging Corn Sketch Green- Blue- White Window


7, Woodburnt Brother and Sister – Home Woodburned Decoration- image of “Ecuatorian Brother and Sister” by Ecuatorian painter Arturo Nieto.
I made this piece back home in Colombia after visitng one of the most indigenous province of Ecuador where I was astonished by many beautiful and kind Ecuatorian people.

8, Woodburnt The Persistence of Time – Home woodburned decoration- famous Salvador Dalí´s Melting Time burned with pyrography technique on a light color wood. I was inspired by Dali´s quote to make this woodbured piece because once he said:
“Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing”.

9, Bamboo Box with Carved Leaves – Box is made of GUADUA- thorny clumping bamboo- highly spread in Colombian coffee zone where I made this piece meanwhile I spent few weeks living with Colombian coffee producer and his family on their coffee farm.

Woodburnt Brother and Sister Woodburnt The Persistence of Time y Pimentona Bamboo Box with Carved Leaves


10, Acrylic Abstract “Joy” – Colorful Acrylic Abstract Painting ” Joy” on Canvas created as thanks to Colombia which refreshed my personal interest in art and handmade hobby.

Acrylic Abstract "Joy"

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Thank you!


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