Indiegogo Campaign

How can you support Coffee Passport?

Coffee Passport is a campaign whose aim is to recollect money to publish a photography book showing Colombian coffee culture, its people and daily work on the farms.

For more information click on campaign link:

How can you support us? images

  1. You can support us financially through above mentioned page, you can donate from $5 up really huge amount. Please remember that every $ counts!

    If you donate $5, your friend donates $5, friend of your friend $10… we will be able to recollect necessary amount of money in 40 days and afterwards be able to fulfill our goal- publish colorful book full of pictures so you can learn about Colombian coffee! Doesn´t it sound interesting? 🙂

  2. If you are not able support us financially, do not worry! Please share our campaign (facebook, twitter, email, pinterest…) with your friends because doing this you also help us spread our dream out!


We have only 40 days to make this campaign successfull ! Take part in it & support us!

… because if you have already had a cup of coffee, you make a part of this project!


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