Indiegogo Campaign

Coffee Passport Indiegogo Campaing finished

We launched campaign through crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and hoped to be donated necessary amount of money to publicate our coffee photo book. We had 40 days to achieve that . . .

Coffee Passport Campaign Image

Coffee Passport Campaign Image

Unfortunately, we were not successful. I do not think our idea of telling coffee stories through pictures was not good, that’s not the point where we obviously failed. I would better say that we haven’t expaned our idea to the highest possible dimension 🙂 .

Maybe it got stuck on facebook… I’d just got a bit disappointed and bit furious; people are able to share everything, such a stupid and shallow ideas,  horrible pictures or jokes that are more shamful than funny. They share it without even thinking and when there is a good idea, they are just not interested…

Pff! Whatever!

On the other hand I am very grateful for all of you that supported us by sharing or even donating some bucks. Thanks to everybody that supported us with kind words and great motivation and energy.

We still keep trying.  This unsuccessful campaign is not a fail at all, it is just one try that was not converted into ripe fruit.

Wait! Is not that the formula for success?

Stumble and fall, stumble and fall, stumble and fall til you are successful.

827Now we have time off trying to recover energy and start to fulfil the dream of beautiful photo book again.

If you wish to support us, please contact me for further information; my contact details can be found on the main menu ABOUT / CONTACT.


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