How efectively get rid of things while traveling

I have been on the road for nearly 16 months now and it’s quiet normal to buy some new things during such a long time abroad or if you do not buy then some great people you meet on the road can give you some stuff. I lead a kind of nomadic type of traveling; at some places, I stay just few days; other places become almost my home-  I decide to live there for few months and find nice easy job to sustain my travels.


This is about how efectively get rid of things while traveling because let’s face the truth; there is nothing better and more comfortable than traveling with a bag light as a feather and only with clothes and equipment that you really need (for example camera, might be tent and sleeping bag…).

If you have clothes that are still in good condition but you do not feel like wearing it anymore,  donate it to local charities or give it directly to local families. Do not forget that everything can be reused and clothes are not an exception. In the case that your clothes are in a kind of poor condition,try to find a handy artistic person who is able to transform a piece of old cloth into something freshly new, for example rug from T-shirts, bag from old jeans or patchwork quilt 🙂

Long stopovers at the airports are such a boring time when traveling and I usually buy a book if not carrying one.  Books weight,right? Even if they are paperbacks. I propose what I have started to do recently: once you have read a book and sucked all the knowledge from it, please donate it to local library. It is nice to contribute in such a way!

I have already painted 9 or 10 paintings during my long trip and I have also made beads bracelets. Almost all of my creations were given to people I lived with or met while traveling. I am sure that many of you have artistic talent which can not be forgotten. If you create something on your road, give it to the people that deserves it. I think it is a great gift for their hospitality, advises or just nice companion!

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