Cartagena de Indias: Gateway to South American continent

“Get a room with at least 3 air fans” or “You take shower and as soon as you dry your body you start sweating like a hell again” or “Cartagena? Q calooor!” (what a hot weather!) were most common comments people use to tell me about precious colonial town Cartagena (apart of saying that the city is worth of visiting).

Cartagena lies on Caribbean coast and is said to be one of the most beautiful cities of all South American continent with massive fortifications around historic city center and cute colorful colonial buildings. Undoubtly I do agree; UNESCO did agree too and listed this city as World Heritage Site. Cartagena served as one of the most important ports during Spanish conquest. Tons of gold were taken from Cartagena to Spain, the gold storage was in Sevilla city in historic monument Torre del Oro at the bank of Guadalquivir river… nowdays many locals and Erasmus students hang around this tower to spend pleasant afternoon / night together. And thousands of black people were brought to Cartagena as a slaves. Famous salsa song “Rebelion” from Joe Arroyo talks about black African couple rebeling against their slavery.

Shots from Cartagena-  May 2014

magic Cartagena

Colombian Nobel Prize author Gabriel Marquez lived in Cartagena as well.




Listen to “Rebelion”







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