China: B-Day Celebration

For past few years I have not celebrated my B-Day; this time in China I was nicely surprised- my colleagues and friends prepared 2 secret parties for me- one was at local University with Chinese students and other foreign teachers, the second party was with kindergarten colleagues and roommies.

B-day cake

My kindergarden kids posing for the picture

My kindergarten kids posing for the picture on my B-day


We run English corner at local university on Wednesdays having every week different topic to discuss. That night the topic was my B-day and playing games to get piece of cake and talking about presents we had been given or we had made for someone. The most funny thing that night was to hear famous “Happy Birthday” song in Chinese.

Foreign teachers

Foreign teachers


I got home from the uni thinking that the celebration is over, opening apartment’s  door I noticed lights off and could feel excitement in the air. My roommie turned lights on and there were my kindergarten colleagues in the living room  singing Happy B-Day; another delicious cake coming and another wonderful wishes told.

The most popular leisure activities for Chinese is karaoke;  my friends reserved private karaoke room for B-day party- it had comfortable sofas, enough space for dancing, huge TV screen, two  microphones and nice cold beers in the fancy basket.



THANK  YOU guys for this special night. I enjoyed it 🙂


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