Yuanyang Rice Terraces

Duoyishu village, Southern Yunnan, China, early in the morning: I woke up to catch sunrise and first sights of Yuanyang rice terraces, one of five most beautiful terraces in China (also belong to World Heritage Site since 2013). It was cold and small group of Chinese travelers had been already on our guesthouse’s terrace waiting for amazing morning views. So I was, however awful thick fog appeared instead of nice warm sun.

Jackie, owner of pleasant guesthouse in Duoyishu village where I spent 2 nights, told me to be patient and wait for better weather:”You know, some people spend one week here and do not see anything. Sometimes the fog is so thick you can see only one meter or two in front“. He suggested visiting traditional Hani village called Azheke located just 4-5 kilometers away meanwhile waiting for lazy sun; in the afternoon I had a luck and could see a tiny part of immense terraces.

In traditional Hani village:

Mushroom house

Mushroom house


Kids and livestock

Curious Hani kids

Hani mushroom house

Woman with baskets

Fog and kid

Fog and kid

Hani people is ethnic group living in Southwest Yunnan province mainly around Honghe River (they are also recognized as an ethnic group in Vietnam and Laos). They are engaged in agriculture and Yuanyang rice terraces are masterpiece of their land knowledge. I strolled around Azheke village; I met few kids and woman carrying heavy baskets full of brushwood. Hani houses are so called “mushroom house” with straw roof, ground floor for livestock and first floor for people.

On the rice terraces:

In the morning





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