Chocó and Wind Journeys, two movies that show other than drug face of Colombia

Colombian cinema is undoubtedly influenced by dark evil events that swept through the country; sadly those events are still occurring, in particular well-known drug cartels presence, armed forces fighting, hitmen, murders, missing gun bullets flying in the air… Fortunately more and more thematically different movies are being produced highlighting other problems that Colombia as a country with great human diversity is facing. I highly recommend these two movies- one covers Pacific region and the other one will take you to Caribbean coast; all together both show other than cliché drug face of Colombia.

1. Chocó (2012)

Choco Movie

Chocó is one of the poorest departments of Colombia with dense jungle, heavy rains, lacking work opportunities inhabited by huge population of Afro descent people. The movie shows tough task of woman and mother named Chocó who tries to gain every single peso to keep their household working and children studying while her husband spends money on gambling and avoiding his responsability for kids and wife. Widely spread gold washing and traditional marimba instrument made of bamboo, both so typical for Chocó department, are also part of this spectacular movie.


2. Los Viajes del Viento (The Wind Journeys, 2009)


As a title says, in “Los viajes del viento” movie you travel where the wind blows, in this case Northern Colombia along with accordion player Ignacio and young boy Fermin meeting local people, participating in famous Vallenato festival in Valledupar, strolling in La Guajira desert at Caribbean coast and ultimately getting in closer relation with indigenous tribes of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, white dressed Koguis. This movie is great and it allows you to travel and know special places of Colombia, such as already mentioned indigenous tribe Koguis that live in isolation in the mountains and avoid contact with outer world.


You can find both complete full movies (in Spanish) on youtube.


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