Indigenous tribes are not primitive, they are DIFFERENT

It seemed like any other ordinary morning; I connected to the internet and checked received emails and read some news before I plunged the concentration into tasks that had to be done that day. Nothing special until an animated video on the famous social network catched my attention. It was shared by Chilean guy named Nico I had met recently; he is passionate rights defender of Mapuche indigenous tribe from Chile. Barely three minutes short video was about Chiacté indigenous community from Guatemala that faces international explotation company which plans to build hydroelectrical dam on indigenous territory. There is no secret what such a projects would bring to local communities; we have tons of examples from other Latin countries where incredibly high number of tribes have been cheated, exploited or killed in the name of “development” and higher interest of international governments.
You are never alone, kids are always with you

You are never alone, kids are always with you- me with Yagua kids in La Libertad

The video is great, and sad at the same time. You are aware of those things that are happening every day and indigenous tribes are often consider just as a bunch of primitive people who do not undertand modern world. Thanks to my travels, I spent one month living with Yagua indigeous tribe at bank of Amazon; indigenous tribes are not primitive, they are DIFFERENT. However you probably will not understand it unless you experience it.

I met Nico on Caribbean coast of Colombia. I had already had an experience with indigenous tribes although his case was visibly diferent. I remember when we were relaxing on hammocks and he was speaking a lot about Mapuche. Suddenly he stoop up and took something out of his quiet heavy backpack: “Look! This is Mapuche flag. I always carry it with me, just in case I will encounter some indigenous protest that I can join and spread Mapuche word”. I was amazed.



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