Hello, Islamic republic of Iran

I like countries that people know very little about; countries towards which people have stupid prejudices, fears and unjustified concerns. Iran is definitely one of them, although frankly speaking it’s one of the safest countries for travelers in this globe, besides being historically rich and absorbing with beautiful mosque’s mosaics. Sadly the media are omnipotent and we read just those bad nuclear news. Instead we should learn about their ancient air conditioning system, old clay houses or taste the best pomegranates in the world.

This year we have chosen Iran to be our backpacking destination. At the end it was full of impressions, physical exhaustion and new friendships. And that was our aim.



However Iran is Islamic country so keep in your mind:

  • alcohol is forbidden
  • men must wear long trousers
  • women must wear headscarves in the public, wear long sleeves and long trousers, the best option is loose style

It is also good to learn some Persian numbers, be prepared for a crazy traffic, drink tea instead of very expensive coffee, take into account daily prayings habits, enjoy nightlife and get used to desert which is all around you (except northern Iran, near Caspian see).Baby pomegranate



IMG_6901 IMG_7043 IMG_7256 IMG_7386 IMG_7986 IMG_8083 IMG_8127



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