Back to Stone Age in Meymand, Iranian nomad village

After exhausting Yazd visit saturated with ancient wisdom we traveled to city called Sirjan, not a tourist place at all, however very special though. Hamed, our young Iranian friend, lives there and we were very glad to spend extra 5 hours in the bus and visit him in his hometown. Good thing about going to non-touristy place is that local people will show you many wonderful places.. like ancient village of Meymand that is “believed to be a primary human residence in the Iranian Plateau, dating back to 12,000 years ago”.

...on the way...

…on the way…

waiting for nomads to come back...with Hamed

waiting for nomads to come back…with Hamed

Meymand is a nomad village famous for a many hand-dug stone hoses that are still inhabited. Many houses were closed; the nomad people were somewhere out there grazing the cattle on the pastures as we learnt from elder woman we met on the main village square. She was old enough to lead a nomad life, she lives quietly alone in her stone house as many other elder women.  The rest of the inhabitants should be back soon to stay 4months in the village before they go away again. That’s their cycle- 4 months in the village, 4months in the pastures, 4 months in their fruit gardens.

This is Meymand, Iranian Flinstones village:






IMG_7581IMG_3507 IMG_7633

It was very hot outside and we wanted to see the interior of a stone house. We asked one old lady whether she could make a tea for us; she invited us to her living room. The air was nice cool inside and the tea was just delicious (old lady collects the herbs and then dries them). Have a look:

entering stone living room

entering stone living room

checking the herbs

checking the herbs

touching nomad carpet

touching nomad carpet

drinking tea and eating bread

drinking tea and eating bread

leaving the house

leaving the house




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