Coffee Passport Campaign Image

Coffee Passport Campaign Image

Have you ever had a cup of coffee in your life?

Do you ever wonder what does the coffee tree look like? Have you ever seen its beautiful flowers? Have you any idea how coffee is harvested?

And something even more important that is rarely talked about: COFFEE PRODUCERS.

Do you know who are these people?

Coffee picker

Coffee picker

The people who pick the coffee grains, the people who are born, who live and who die grain by grain. The whole families who under the sun or rain, in the majestic big mountains and beautiful geographic features go searching for red and sometimes yellow cherries with their baskets, pets, food, full of hope and dreams. These cherries represent low and unique income of many coffee producers and higher profits of few lucky ones .

Why do we need you?

We are Simona and Emilio, two people from completely different worlds that thanks to the fate have shared their tastes in art, coffee and madness. Emilio is young a coffee producer and Simona is a European girl lost in the fresh air of Colombian mountains.

We both know the hard work behind a cup of coffee and today we want to share it with you. Our goal is to publish a photo book and through these pictures tell stories of people and coffee, about their work on coffee plantations and everyday life that goes on in a distant farms almost lost in the mountains.

Could you  help us reveal the reality that Emilio lives every single day and the truth that has left Simona surprised?

What will we do with the funds?

The financial support will be invested in editing (+ copyediting, typesetting, design), publishing and shipping of the printed books. Moreover collected money is necessary for transport to different farms and villages where farmers are located because they will be the main part of the stories and photographs that will appear in the book.

The goal is to publish 1 000 copies, size 20cm x 25cm and approximately 90 pages with around 140 pictures. Each photograph will include a short text both in English and Spanish describing the moment or the person.

What is the impact of this project?

Thanks to your support, we will be able to publish the book that afterwards will be available to purchase online. You will have an exclusive chance to discover simple life of Colombian coffee growers by looking at amazing pictures! Because even though their lives are very tough, they keep working and fighting so consumers all around the world, also meaning YOU!, can enjoy exquisite cup of high quality coffee. Let them feel important by supporting our campaign!

We need your support!

Every single $1 helps. Please get involved and share this campaign with your friends and family. Spreading the message will help this campaign to become reality.

… because if you have already had a cup of coffee, you make a part of this process!

Thank you!


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