Human hands are wonderful tools transforming human creativity into tangible object that can be seen, touched and ENJOYED. Working with hands means bring your ideas and inspiration into the life, produce unique pieces with passion, joy and zeal.

hackman_sweetgrassbasket working_hands_by_sistro_80-d2vykva



Buy Handmade
is a spontaneous project which aim is to promote and sell handmade products made by unknown artists. Initial idea of supporting handcrafts occurred after visiting Embera Chami indigenous community located in El Jardin, Colombia where I discovered colorful world of beads and hardworking women who sustain their families by selling those wonderful items. Manual jewelry production is time-consuming but the result is always charming and unique. We are mainly focused on indigenous communities (as Embera Chamí ) and local artists whose art we do appreciate and we would like to promote their handmade products via this blog. If you like some item, you can buy it; to learn how to buy items from Pimentona blog, please keep reading below.


  1. Have a look at Handmade gallery
  2. Choose items you like and remember their codes
  3. Decide whether you´d like to pay via Bank Transfer or PayPal
  4. Contact me – send me an email with item codes, shipping address and specify your payment option:

              – if you pay via PayPal, you will receive an invoice

             – if you choose bank transfer, I will send you Bank Transfer details

       5. Pay for items via bank transfer or paypal

       6. We ship order items once we receive payment.  You will be contacted to confirm payment.

       7. Wait to receive your order and then enjoy it!


!!! Please note that in case of Embera Chamí handcrafts it can take up to 3 weeks to reach your destination. We ship directly from Colombia.  !!!


As mentioned above, you can choose 2 payment options: either Bank Transfer or PayPal depending on you. Please write us an email confirming which payment option you prefer and we will send you back necessary payment details.


Buying handmade jewelry you support indigenous community, local artist and artistic groups. Currently we work only with Embera Chamí indigenous group. We plan to include more artist to Buy Handmade project.



2 thoughts on “BUY HANDMADE

  1. I am interested in buying multiple pieces to sell in my shop and at festivals. I think it is important to purchase these works of art and financially assist the artists

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