The first time I saw huge green coffee plantations and discovered that coffee is actually a tree and coffee cherry´ve got two sticky berries inside I realized how little I know about coffee. Pretty embarrassing for so called coffee lover as I used to title myself. Well, thanks to outer circumstances I was thrown into real coffee culture in one of the most productive part of Colombia, South West Antioquia, and I´ve got incredible opportunity to live with local coffee producer and his family on the remote farm in Andes. the capital of coffee business in the area.

Then I asked myself: “What if someone wants to experience the same as I did?”

And my coffee family I was living with replied: “The only thing they have to do is come here and be willing to see our daily lives and participate in it.”



We are group of small coffee producers based mainly in Andes and El Jardín who are open to meet travelers and be grateful to show them the most essential part of our lives- COFFEE. We live in traditional rural houses away from towns where you have to either walk or catch a local jeep to get there. Our day starts early around 6am with cup of hot chocolate and freshly made arepa (corn pancake). The whole labor day spins around coffee- planting new trees, picking up cherries, washing beans, fermenting and sun drying… and so on. Learn about coffee from its beginning that starts on our farms and ends in your cup somewhere in New York, Madrid, London or elsewhere in the world.

We have started to work on sustainable local tourism supporting small coffee producers. It is very simple: you can come to our farm and learn about coffee, share moments with us or even pick up coffee yourself. You can also stay overnight and eat with us, participate in farm works such as bamboo handcrafts or chocolate making, maybe you will be lucky enough to participate in rural fiestas and though meet our neighbors.


If would like to visit us, all you have to do is write us and tell us when you are coming and how long will you stay and we will get back to you. We will arrange together your visit at our coffee farms.


WHAT  we can offer you:

– transportation to and from the farm

– coffee tour with possibility to pick up coffee yourselves

– accommodation in farm house (your own room)

– traditional food

– other activities such as hiking in the area, handcrafts, visit of local sugar cane factory ….

– and the most important: GREAT EXPERIENCE




TESTIMONIALS from people who has already visited us

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  1. Hello! I would love to see if a stay with you might work. I am in Barranquilla now and want to head to the coffee region in the next few days. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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