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We are happy to welcome you in Jardín or Andes, please check COFFEE EXPERIENCE


Yi-Pin, Taiwan:


Thank you for arranging the tour and contacting Omar and Juan for me. I had great time in Colombia, and the coffee tour is definitely the best experience that I have had there. I write the blog in my language (Mandarin, I am from Taiwan). To help Omar and Juan to promote their tour visiting coffee farm, I have posted an article on my blog in Mandarin. Hopefully, there will be more people visiting these beautiful towns (Jardin and Andes) and Omar and Juan’s coffee farms.

Here is my website (sorry,. the information is in mandarin): http://blog.yam.com/yipin/article/92691584 (you can also see more pics from Yi-Pin´s visit)


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Bodil and Torjan, Norway:

C13 “Yes, we had a wonderful time visiting Omar and his family! We felt extremely welcome and well looked after, and it is such a beautiful place! To wake up and in our bamboo lodging and look out over the coffee fields in the morning mist – just amazing.

We learned a lot on our coffee tour, both about the process of coffee making, and about the nature of this kind of farming and life. After seeing Omar’s carpenter skills with bamboo, of course we had to buy souvenirs to take home too. And we couldn’t get enough of looking at the landscape scenery, so Omar took us for several walks around the neighbourhood. We picked cocoa and coffee, and we learned about every step of both coffee production and chocolate making – appreciating it even more now than before!

The coffee experience at Omar’s farm is of course about the traditions and craftsmanship, but more than anything it’s about the people. We felt extremely privileged to have this opportunity to be invited into the family home, and we are certain we got to know a side to Colombia that few other travellers get to experience. Patricia cooked really nice food for all meals and made sure we weren’t missing anything. Of course sharing someone’s home is not like the ordinary hotel stay, but any one who is easy-going, sociable and not afraid to try something different, should have a nice and special time here.

At least for us, being surrounded by friendly neighbours and sweet children, meeting this lovely and sincere family made La Illusion a Colombian highlight for us, and a visit we will never forget!


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Chris Carnevale, USA:

20131111_142422“Thank you so very much for arranging the tour. It was amazing. It could not have been better. We met Emilio and Jose in the main square and had a cup of coffee at Cafe de los Andes before hopping in the Jeep and heading up into the hills. The weather was perfect and the drive up was beautiful. We took lots of photos before we even arrived at the farm. The first thing we did once we arrived there was Emilio explained the history of coffee and growing coffee in Colombia. The history was fascinating and Jose’s translations were excellent. We never quite made it through the whole history to modern day because we got interrupted by other great things. Emilio showed us his insect collection and a few items in his seed collection and explained about some interesting realities of the Colombia Free Trade Agreement and seed saving. We picked some cacao fruit and talked about cacao production a little. We had lunch, which was easily the best meal we had while in Colombia. Wonderful. And then the family gathered all sorts of fruit from around the farm and let us try some of each. It was very fun to try all the fruit from around the farm. After lunch, we strapped on our coffee picking buckets and picked some coffee. Not for very long, because rain started falling, but we got the idea of how labor-intensive it is to hand-pick coffee. Then the family showed us the entire process of processing coffee, from fruit to green bean. We put our cherries in the grinder and saw the seeds come out the other end. We flooded the beans to wash them and drained the basin to let them ferment. Emilio, as a great host, had done this on a batch the prior day and let it ferment overnight, so we could see what it was like on the day we came. We gave the fermented beans a final wash and then spread them in the drying yard. At some point in the day we also walked down the steep hill full of coffee and banana plants and also saw other interesting fruits such as pineapple. The tour concluded with Emilio giving us souvenir bottles of beans from El Engano with beans at different stages from green to roasted.”

“Thank you again for helping set this up. This was the best part of our trip to Colombia for myself and both of my friends. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us.”
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